The bad weather, wanting a holiday, being tired… there’s always a reason not to study. Day after day we put it off until we can’t prolong it anymore, the exams are on us and we’re running out of time. From the studying centre, we want to give you 5 pieces of advice so you enjoy studying from now on.

  1. Create a routine in your life. If you don’t make a habit out of studying, your results will be irregular. You become more productive when you and your body understands that there is a time to sleep, eat, have fun and study.  
  2.  When you study, do so in a silent place. Many people try to convince themselves that they study better with music, but there are studies that indicate otherwise. The best is to listen to yourself, create a conversation between what you read and your thoughts. Reflect.
  3. Why are you studying? Motivation is everything when you want to get a good habit. If you do it for yourself and for your future, it will be easy. If you do it for the rest… it isn’t impossible, but it’ll be a lot more complicated. 
  4. Take advantage of your time, you should have enough time to do other things as well. It is as important to concentrate as to go out and have fun.
  5. Don’t doubt and ask. When you have any doubt you should ask as soon as possible. Get in contact with your tutor at the studying centre or with a peer, they will give you the key to solve any problem. While you are resolving your question, move on to another theme to not waist time: ask, advance, solve… 

These five pieces of advice seem very simple and easy to put into practice, but it’s actually a difficult process that is usually delayed. The studying centre is the perfect place to get into the habit of studying, with help of our teachers you will always one step ahead of your class-mates. Some of our new students tell you why you should register in our centre.