In RUT we don’t want you to feel alone in those first septs at university. Passing from Baccalaureate (equivalent to A Levels) to a University Degree is a big step that can be scary. How many great students at school stop being so at university? You know some for sure, and we don’t want you to be one of them, the opposite. In RUT’s studying centre we are going to teach you the necessary abilities so you can wolf down your subjects in less time than you thought possible and we will train you to face exams with security and trust

We are the only residency in Málaga that has its own studying centre with specialised professionals at your disposal every day. We will also adapt to your timetable. If you are in your first year we will expect you to be here three hours a day: in the morning if you have an afternoon timetable and vice versa. We will divide the day in two, an hour and a half of intense study, a short pause to recover energy, and another hour and a half of classes, doubt solving or more studying.

During the first days of the course, when the subjects are still scarce, we give a ‘course cero’ workshop in the centre, where we refresh and teach studying techniques that will multiply exponentially the results of your efforts. As the course advances, we will accompany you so you have your subjects up to date and you don’t fear even the hardest ones. And when the examination period is close, we will do mock exams so you ace them!

Even though the centre, which has the help of seven teachers, is specially aimed to first year students, in technical and health degrees, any resident of any course and degree can come to the centre and solve the doubts that come up when they study.

The centre is also a necessary link between the university and the students, specially until the new comers have adapted to the new city and their new way of life.

We hope to be able to help you daily in the centre so you keep your studies up to date and can combine your degree with an endless number of activities the residency offers!