Our University Resident’s main objectives are the students’ friendships, motivation and integration at a personal, social and academic level in their university period.

Throughout the course, there are many activities planned: academic, cultural, entertainment, free time, sporting… to be able to achieve the goals set and maintain a good co-habitation with all the #RUTthinkers they must obey the rules of the residency.

In this document, all the services that the Residencia Universitaria de Teatinos offers the residents are explained in detail, as well as their rights and obligations after signing their contract.

  • Orientation department and tutorials
  • Study centre and languages
  • Specific formation program
  • The residency’s services: canteen, recreation room, sports court, gym, swimming pool
  • Entry and exit timetable
  • Visiting rules
  • Residency’s general rules
  • Activities

Download our university residency’s regulations: