Our traditional Christmas party joined the RUTthinker’s revolution. On Wednesday 19th December, the residents enjoyed a solidary, fun and innovative Christmas event in RUT in the best of companies. 

The Christmas party was a great success, all the residency’s workers put their effort in to making it so. Our most sincere thanks, without you we wouldn’t have made it.

Los #RUTthinkers and EXruteños finished the day with a big smile from ear to ear.

We started the day in a very solitary way, the volunteers of Andrés Olivares Foundation showed the #RUTthinkers the daily chores of the foundation and all the funds collected were destined to their task. 

The cooks were working all morning so the students could taste a very special menu. Their workers coordinated enormously, it seemed as if they were immerse in a Master Chef program. Cerveza Victoria collaborated with us, which put the cherry on top.

What rhythm our secretariat team has! Fernanda came out to sing and she didn’t even need a mic, surrounded by #RUTthinkers she delighted us with her best Christmas carols. Eu and Mario carried on, and made more than one jump to the dance floor. Gema didn’t stay behind and surprised us all with her flamenco dancing.

Our great Christmas party finished handing out trophies, the winners picked the little statues up whilst their friends sang and cheered.

Do you want to relieve we felt on wednesday 19th December?

You can find all the photos in our Facebook page.