Málaga is one of the main cultural paradises in Andalusia, proven by its museums (Centre Pompidou, Russian Museum Collection, Picasso Museum Málaga, Picasso’s Birth Home, CAC…), its theatres (Cervantes Theatre, Echegaray Theatre, Alameda Theatre…) and its cinemas.

On February 13th 1895 the Lumière brothers patented the ‘cinematograph’, the first camera-projector. Three years later, thanks to the owner of Café de España, the innovative invention came to Málaga. It wasn’t until 1900 that the city enjoyed its first cinema, the Pascalini cinema.

Thirty-six years later, a bomb totally destroyed the establishment, leaving space for other cinemas to open their doors in different locations around the city.

Cine Ideal, Salón Novedades, Cine Moderno, Cine Victoria, Cine Petit Palais, Gran Cinema Iris, Cinema Concert, Cine Goya, Parque la Merced (the first recreation centre), Cine Capuchinos, Cine Español, Cine Olimpia, Cine Plus Ultra, Cine Galán, Cine las Delicias, Imperial Cinema, Cine Rialto, Cine Excelsior, Cine Echegaray, Cine Gran Olimpia, Cine Avenida, Cine Duque, Cine Albéniz, Cine Capitol (…) That were followed by great multiplex cinemas like Astoria, Alameda or Andalucía, among others.

Because of all of this, Málaga maintains the hegemony of the cinema in Andalusia with the best techniques, the best movies and one of the most renown festivals at a national level.

Are you a lover of the seventh art? The Residencia Universitaria de Teatinos approaches you to Malaga’s cinema.

Albéniz Cinema

The Albéniz cinema is a national referent, providing an enormous amount of independent movies. In its four rooms there are prize-winning films that come from type A cinema festivals. It is also one of the headquarters of the Spanish Cinema Festival in Málaga, getting involved in activities related with cinematography all year long.

Its prices are one of the cheapest in Málaga, even more if you are part of the free Albéniz Club.

Direction: Alcazabilla 4. Street

Phone number: 952215898.

Billboard: www.cinealbeniz.com

Yelmo Cines

Yelmo Cines is a popular chain of cinemas that is present all over the country, and in Málaga it has three different buildings. Its facilities have 3D technology, UHD rooms and adapted access for disabled people, which makes its facilities the most innovative of the region.

Yelmo Cines Plaza Mayor

Direction: Alfonso Ponce de León, 3.

Phone number: 902902103.

Billboard: www.yelmocines.es/plaza-mayor

Yelmo Cines Vialia

Direction : Calle Explanada de la Estación, s/n.

Phone number : 952360081.

Billboard : www.yelmocines.es/vialia

CineSur Málaga Nostrum

Cinesur Málaga Nostrum offers both commercial movies and theatre plays, musicals and even classic films that have been remastered. Its rooms were recently renewed. It stands out because of its prices: the most expensive ticket costs about 6 euros.

In the leisure centre you will find a big game room equipped with a ball pit, bowling, miniature golf and dozens of gaming machines, a karts circuit and several restaurants. 

Direction: Calle Herman Hesse, 17.

Phone number: 952244288.

Billboard: www.cinesur.com

Multicines Rosaleda

Multicines Rosaleda (Unión Cine Ciudad) is in the Simón Bolívar Avenue, a few metres away from “The Rosaleda” football stadium. It has 14 projection rooms available, adapted for disabled people and with 3D technology included. The Rosaleda Shopping Centre has a broad shops and restaurants offer.

Direction: Avenida Simón Bolívar s/n.

Phone number: 952394708.

Billboard: www.cineciudad.com