They got to the party a bit shy and coy and in less than an hour, as if by magic, newcomers and veterans started sharing spaces with familiarity. Dozens of presentations, greetings and laughs gave place to what would be the first of many experiences they will live during the course.

The new RUTthinkers arrived, with their suitcases and their parents, at RUT on September 23rd to start a new period. On the bed, a card and a colourful sticker that, without knowing it yet, would unite them to their first group of friends at the residency.

At eight o’clock on the dot, the parents abandoned the residency and the new university students put on their best smiles to start making friends. A veteran of RUT took control of the ceremony to break the ice, a speaker with a lot of merit in the success of this first party at RUT. The veterans’ help was essential this first day, thanks to them the beginning shyness of the newcomers didn’t last and they all ended up competing to do the best haka. Do you want to see how we started and how we ended up? Nobody has to tell you about it! In this video you will see the best moments of this first day.

Take a look at the inauguration video!